Abstract Submission

Abstract Preparation

Abstracts must be prepared as a PDF file for electronic submission. The submission is done via EasyChair service, please follow the instructions below. Proofread your abstract and make sure to follow the template and guidelines.

Authors are recommended to use the provided LaTeX or MS Word (LibreOffice) template. Download either of the following templates to prepare your abstract:

All submissions should be in PDF format. If you are using the LaTeX template, build your abstract in PDF format for submission. If you are using the MS Word template, you will need to convert your abstract to a PDF file before submission. You can either use Adobe Acrobat to print to PDF, the Microsoft Office Add-in Save as PDF, or any other open source PDF converter. If you are using office applications such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice, they come with a feature to export files to PDF.

Abstract should be maximum 2 pages in length, including all figures and references. Overlength submissions will NOT be reviewed. This includes papers where the margins and formatting are deemed to have been significantly altered from those laid down by the style guide and templates provided. Pay particular attention to formatting instructions if you are using the MS Word template!

Important Dates

Abstract submission was extended until 14.01.2019.

Abstract submission (max. 2 pages) until
First reviews of abstracts20.01.2019
Final notification of acceptance05.02.2019

Selected papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer in the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series. The speakers are invited to submit 8 pages full papers before 15.03.2019 01.04.2019.

Abstract Submission

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