Conference program

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Sunday, 07.07.2019, INM RAS

18:00–20:00Conference registration & Icebreaker reception – room 630

Monday, 08.07.2019, INM RAS

8:15Bus departure from Korston Club Hotel
8:30–9:00Conference registration – 9th floor
9:00–9:15Opening – Conference hall, 9th floor
9:15–10:00Invited lecture – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Hui Zhang
Visual analytics of sports data
Yingcai Wu
10:00–10:30Coffee break – room 630
10:30–12:30Session 1 – Training Theory (in parallel with sessions 2 and 3) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Jürgen Perl
History of cybernetics in sports in the USSR – Models released in the 1960s
Egor Timme, Alexander Dayal and Yuri Kukushkin
Quantification of positive and negative effects of training with a secondary signal model for adaptation during intensive training in athletes
Thierry Busso and Sebastien Chalencon
A probabilistic model of maximal mean performance
Alexander Asteroth and Melanie Ludwig
Multi-objective optimization of the training plan with the use of approximation and visualization of Pareto frontier
Egor Timme, Alexander Dayal and Yuri Kukushkin
Determination of performance level based on training impulses
Denis Gudkov and Dmitriy Butkov
Online courses providing insights into how doping may affect performance in tennis
Arnold Baca and Jürgen Perl
10:30–12:30Session 2 – Misc 1 (in parallel with sessions 1 and 3) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Dmitry Dagaev
Artificial intelligence in sports: actual state, trends, and future challenges – (CANCELLED)
Oleg Solozobov
Big data in sports medicine. Machine learning and precision prediction.
Michael Kljuchnikov and Alexander Samoylov
Towards a generic framework for serious games
Josef Wiemeyer
Using virtual reality technology for bobsleigh simulation
Viktor Chertopolokhov, Anna Kruchinina and Margarita Belousova
Fantasy football meets machine learning: the dynamic game case and a note on strategy
Gleb Vasiliev and Arseniy Stolyarov
eSports betting market inefficiency
Dmitry Dagaev and Egor Stoyan
10:30–12:30Session 3 – PA Applications (in parallel with sessions 1 and 2) – Seminar hall 702 – Chair: Daniel Link
Performance of performance indicators in football
Tiago Russomanno, Daniel Link, Max Geromiller and Martin Lames
Assessment of premier league clubs’ offensive and defensive strength
Yue Zeng and Hui Zhang
A multi-dimensional analytical system of table tennis matches
Zheng Zhou and Hui Zhang
Evaluating the comprehensive performance of foreign players by foreign players indicator in football leagues
Junxian Jiang and Hui Zhang
A quantitative assessment of global football player migration
Feida Zhao and Hui Zhang
12:30–13:30Lunch – room 630
13:30–14:20Invited lecture – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Cathy Craig
Assessing the performances of soccer players
Jesse Davis
14:20–16:00Session 4 – Physiology 1 (in parallel with session 5) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Sergey Simakov
Energetic costs and analysis of the strategy of human locomotions under changed weight loadings on musculoskeletal system
Alexey Shpakov, Anton Artamonov and Andrey Voronov
Determination of possibility for using data from medical information system for the prognosis of Russia national team athletes’ health status
Andrey Zholinsky, Vladimir Feshchenko, Mkrtich Ogannisyan, Pavel Artamokhov, Vladimir Zavialov, Sergey Bazanovich, Mikhail Yadgarov and Svetlana Shchelykalina
Application of correlation adaptometry technique to biomedical and sports research
Mikhail Shpitonkov
Estimation of physical performance level of man in long space flight based on regular training data
Anton Eremeev, Pavel Borisovsky, Yulia Kovalenko, Tatiana Kukoba, Natalia Lysova, Dmitri Shatov and Elena Fomina
14:20–16:00Session 5 – Biomechanics (in parallel with session 4) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Tiago Russomanno
The biomechanical analysis of the technique of weightlifters of high qualification with application of mathematical modelling and high-speed video recording
Leonid Khasin and Ekaterina Shchedrina
Functional design of recognition system for descent point trajectory of the badminton
Jiang Li, Ya-Wei Song and Yi-Zhuo Zhang
Measurement and performance evaluation of lob technique using aerodynamic model in badminton matches
Lejun Shen, Hui Zhang, Min Zhu, Jia Zheng and Yawei Ren
Functional design of recognition system for descent point trajectory of the badminton young people
Ya-wei Song, Jiang Li and Shuwen Liu
Research and application of location service LBS-based real-time tracking service platform for motion trajectory
Feng Qi, Mingnong Yi and Weitao Zheng
Coffee break – room 630
16:20–18:00Session 6 – PA Modeling (in parallel with session 7) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Yingcai Wu
A flexible approach to football analytics: assessment, modeling and implementation
Philipp Seidenschwarz, Martin Rumo, Lukas Probst and Heiko Schuldt
Fitting motion models to contextual player behavior
Bartholomew Spencer, Karl Jackson and Sam Robertson
Sequential association rule mining in elite beach volleyball
Sebastian Wenninger, Daniel Link and Martin Lames
Who will score next? About the predictive power of performance indicators in soccer
Steffen Lang and Daniel Link
Validation of optimal pacing strategies for uphill road cycling time trials
Alexander Artiga Gonzalez, Raphael Bertschinger, Stefan Wolf and Dietmar Saupe
16:20–18:00Session 7 – Physiology 2 (in parallel with session 6) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Sergey Rudnev
Body composition studies in athletes: history, methodology and prospects related to computer science
Sergey Rudnev
The effects of menstrual cycle phase on the psychophysiological indices of the athletic performance: systematic review
Olga Bazanova and Lubov Gubareva
Mechanical stimulations of the blood flow
Sergey Simakov and Timur Gamilov
Diagnostics of functional state of endothelium in athletes by the pulse wave
Dmitry Usanov, Anatoly Skripal, Nailya Brilenok, Sergey Dobdin, Andrei Averianov, Artem Bakhmetev and Rakhim Baatyrov
Influence of UCP2 Ala55Val and UCP3 -55C/T polymorphisms on heart rate variability in young oarsmen
Andrey Melnikov
Poster session – 9th floor
19:00Conference dinner – 9th floor

Tuesday, 09.07.2019, INM RAS

8:30Bus departure from Korston Club Hotel
9:00–9:45Invited lecture – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Josef Wiemeyer
Using virtual reality to understand and improve decision-making in sport: what we need to consider
Cathy Craig
Coffee break – room 630
10:00–12:00Session 8 – Sensors (in parallel with session 9) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Arnold Baca
Performance analysis and load monitoring in highly dynamic sports by inertial measurement units
Thomas Jaitner and Marcus Schmidt
Performance analysis in sprint using intra-cyclic speed
Tiago Russomanno, Thomas Seidl and Martin Lames
Unobtrusive estimation of in-stroke boat rotation in rowing using wearable sensors
Benjamin H. Groh, Julia Schottenhamml, Bjoern M. Eskofier and Ami Drory
Insole sensor design for ski boot using piezoresistive material
Alpaslan Yılmaz
Comparing two data consolidation methods when assessing sleep patterns with the elderly using the Fitbit Flex 2
Alanna Weisberg, Tanzeel Bhaidani, Alexandre Monte Campelo and Larry Katz
10:00–12:00Session 9 – Pedagogy (in parallel with session 8) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Mikhail Vinogradov
Visual perception of robot movements – how much information is required?
Gerrit Kollegger, Marco Ewerton, Josef Wiemeyer and Jan Peters
Learning table tennis using structured video on iPads incorporating peer to peer evaluation
Di Feng, Emad Abdelrasoul and Larry Katz
Development of a fully automatic scouting technology based on pattern recognition in teacher training
Stefan Tiedemann, Jürgen Edelmann Nusser, Elke Knisel and Helge Rupprich
Using drifting Markov chain to model the individual dynamics of motor learning
John Komar
Evaluation of motivational effects of running games based on intelligent feedback devices
Philipp Kornfeind, Johannes Stögerer, Martin Dobiasch and Arnold Baca
Development of an Erasmus+ dual-career-program for athletes and coaches
Stefan Tiedemann, Sophie Mattert, Kerstin Witte, Arnold Baca, Kristiana Kazandzhieva, Andrej Pisl and Katharina Petri
12:00–13:15Lunch – room 630
13:15–14:00Invited lecture – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Yuri Vassilevski
Mathematical modeling of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in sport
Sergey Simakov
14:00–15:40Session 10 – Sports Applications (in parallel with session 11) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Stuart Morgan
Designing a mobile app for treating individuals with dementia: combining UX research with sport science
Bettina Barisch-Fritz, Marc Barisch, Sandra Trautwein, Andrea Scharpf, Jelena Bezold and Alexander Woll
A new method for auto generating oriantiring racetrack according to genetic algorithm paradigms
Fatih Bektaş, Mengü Demir, Mahir Ceylan Erdoğan and Sabiha Kaya
Guiding runners through speed-based tasks. A pilot study.
Julia Daxenbichler, Michael Stoeckl, Arnold Baca and Martin Dobiasch
Can positioning systems replace timing gates for measuring sprint time in ice hockey
Daniel Link
Information system for operational planning of training load, rehabilitation and medical control in cyclic sports
Sergey Mamchur and Aleksey Proshin
14:00–15:40Session 11 – Archery (in parallel with session 10) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Hayri Ertan
Hit distribution patterns in recurve archery: an exploratory spatial analysis
Hayri Ertan, Fikret Er and Andrew J. Callaway
The factors that determine the dynamic changes in the precision of archers under the influence of competitive load
Tatiana Baidychenko
The relationship between arrow positioning and bow/draw arm EMG activity in archery
Ipek Eroglu Kolayis, Andrew J. Callaway, Axel J. Knicker, Hayri Ertan, Murat Cilli and A. Ruhi Soylu
Auditory evoked brain potentials during archery shooting
Hayri Ertan, Suha Yagcioglu, Alpaslan Yılmaz, Pekcan Ungan and Feza Korkusuz
Flow experience as a predictor of archers’ autonomic cardiac recovery following an arrow shooting session
Nihal Dal and Serdar Tok
15:40–16:00Coffee break – room 630
Session 12 – Training Applications (in parallel with session 13) – Conference hall, 9th floor – Chair: Egor Timme
From sensor data to coaching in alpine skiing – a software design to facilitate immediate feedback in sports
Richard Brunauer, Wolfgang Kremser and Thomas Stöggl
Direct mobile coaching & a software framework for the creation of mobile feedback systems
Martin Dobiasch, Michael Stöckl and Arnold Baca
Train4U – mobile sport diagnostic expert system for user-adaptive training – (CANCELLED)
Ingolf Waßmann, Nikolaj Troels Graf von Malotky and Alke Martens
Systematic comparison of club management information systems (CMIS)
Thomas Blobel and Martin Lames
Effects of 8-weeks whole body vibration training on ITN scores and serve speed of adolescent tennis players
Ismail Bayram and Hayri Ertan
Automatic load control in endurance training
Katrin Hoffmann
16:00–18:00Session 13 – Misc 2 (in parallel with session 12) – Lecture hall 727 – Chair: Nikolay Kulemin
Polygenic modeling of muscle fibers composition
Oleg Borisov, Nikolay Kulemin, Ildus Ahmetov and Edward Generozov
Practical application and interpretation of iskinethetic tests’ results for estimation of athletes’ muscle fiber type composition – (CANCELLED)
Elena Fedotova
Estimation of anaerobic threshold by dynamics of EMG activity and deoxyhemoglobin content in working muscle
Evgeniya Orlova, Dmitrii Prilutskii and Anatolii Borovik
Evaluation of foot kinematics during distance running on different surfaces in real world environments
Markus Zrenner, Christoph Feldner, Ulf Jensen, Nils Roth, Robert Richer and Bjoern Eskofier
Reliability analysis of foot scan in the measurement of plantar pressure parameters among normal young people
Jia-Ying Yang, Ya-Wei Song and Jiang Li
Information system of sports orientation of children 6 to 12 years in Moscow
Andrey Kartsev, Ekaterina Butkova and German Lurie
18:00–19:00IACSS General Assembly – Conference hall, 9th floor
21:00Boat tour – Gorky Park pier

Wednesday, 10.07.2019, MCAST

8:15Bus departure from Korston Club Hotel
9:00–10:30MCAST tour
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:30MCAST presentation
11:30–12:15Invited lecture – Chair: Martin Lames
Harvesting sports science insight with computer vision
Stuart Morgan
Invited lecture – Chair: Thierry Busso
Applications of modelling and machine learning in endurance sports
Mikhail Vinogradov