Poster session

Monday, 08.07.2019, 18:00–19:00, INM RAS – 9th floor

Technology of the analysis of data of aerobic and anaerobic distribution of volumes of physical activity in the different high-speed ranges in soccer
Vyacheslav Godik, Mark Godik and Andrey Leksakov
Effect of 20 minutes treadmill aerobic exercise at varying intensities on heart rate, electrocardiograph and mood state response among sportsman
Syed Ibrahim, Ather Syed Ahmed and Azhar Syed Ahmed
Influence of physical activity and the FTO A/T polymorphism on the body composition of adolescents and young adults
Olga Parfenteva and Elvira Bondareva
The model of psychological diagnosis and training in football
Alena Grushko
Characteristics of exponential equation of heart rate recovery in young athletes after exercise as indicators of physical loading intensity
Petr Prusov and Maria Shatenok
On technology of physiological avatar with optimal training process planning in cyclic sports
Yuri Solodyannikov and Alexander Proshin
Data analysis in evaluation the effectiveness of governance in sports
Yuliya Siluyanova and Yuri Petrunin
Complex for optimization of rowing
Sergey Gontarev
Forecast of physical performance of skyhall sportsmen by indicators of heart rate variability
Sergey Razinkin, Anna Kish and Mikhail Dvornikov
New methods for real time control of vegetative balance on a heart rate variability
Oleg Anosov and Ilya Tyuvaev
Monitorization of a male basketball player after reconstuructive ACL surgery: a case study
Ismail Bayram and Hayri Ertan
Types of myocardial remodeling in athletes and physically inactive individuals with Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome
Marina Sharoyko, Evgeniia Ketlerova, Varvara Noskova and Elena Turova
Do pang of conscience affect judge’s behaviour?
Yegor Zaitsev and Ilya Schurov
Towards the highest performance in sport: the scope for target-oriented modeling in cross-country ski
Angelica Lunina, Alexey Batalov, Alexander Grushin, Danil Akimov and Andrey Golov
Complex dynamic estimation of the functional condition of sportsmen in sports: from junior to champion
Sergey Klyuchnikov and Andrey Zholinskiy
A comparative study of emotional intelligence and enthusiasm among state level and national level Kho Kho players
Bhaskar Salvi
Effect of counselling to improve the performance of high anxiety players with help of “NLP-anchoring method” and “self talk”
C. Veerender
Comparative analysis of speed and cardiovascular endurance between intercollegiate men football and hockey players of Osmania university
L.B. Laxmikanth Rathod
Effect of plyometric exercises for development of shoulder strength among boxers of Hyderabad in India
Gurnam Singh Chugh
Effect of plyometric exercises for development of speed among cricketers of Osmania university in India
Yerraguntla Emmanuel Shashi Kumar
Boost mental health through sports and games for the college students of Gulbarga university
Pasodi Mallappa Sharanappa
Effect of plyometric exercises for development of speed among hockey players of Gulbarga university
Hanmanth Jange
Influence of adapted physical exercises on selected psychomotor variables of special childrens of Andhra Pradesh
P.P. Satya Paul Kumar
Effect of interval training for development of aerobic endurance among athletes of national college in Tamil Nadu
D. Prasanna Balaji
Effects of Suryanamaskar on selected physiological variables among Lucknow university students of Andhra university
Neeraj Jain
A comparative study of physiological variables of college level cricketers & non-cricket players of Lucknow district
Awdhesh Kumar Shukla
Effect of weight training for development of speed among sprinters of university of horticultural sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka
Hiremath Rajashekhar Mallikarjunayya
A comparative study of the impact of socio-economic status on personality of players participating in Indian games and foreign games
Haricharan L. Gajbhiye
Functional fitness: a perspective from mental fitness to executive fitness for sports welfare
Neeraj Jain, Alpana Bajpai and Ganesh Shanker Pandey
Muscular endurance, explosive strength and suppleness: influence of taekwondo drills on the male subjects
Hamed Abu-Hilal and Syed Ibrahim

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