Cathy Craig




Professor Cathy Craig is the recognised go-to global expert in using Virtual Reality to understand decision making in sport. The calibre of her research is evidenced by over 80 research publications (>2700 citations, H-index=31; i10=54; source Google Scholar) published in top quality journals (e.g. Nature, IEEE) that include 90 different co-authors from 9 different countries in a range of multi-disciplinary areas (e.g. computer science, engineering). After 20 years in academia she has founded INCISIV Ltd. to translate her know-how into practical applications.


Her research focuses on understanding and improving how our brains control movement. By using computer-based technologies she has developed a deep understanding of why we move, how we move and why sometimes we can’t. Over the last 20 years, as a perception and action psychologist she was the first to use immersive interactive virtual reality to develop a new theoretical understanding of decision-making in sport. She has worked with elite athletes but also with older adults and people with Parkinson’s. Her knowledge is now being used to design new technological solutions to quantify decision-making but also offer new ways to train smarter whilst still protecting players from injury.


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