INM RAS location

Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INM RAS) is located at Gubkina Str., 8.

The conference halls are located on 9th floor and 7th floor (rooms 727 and 702). The coffee breaks and lunches are served at the 6th floor, room 630.

Please take your passport with you, as you will need it to enter the building.

Directions from Korston Club Hotel

The buses will take the participants from the Korston Club Hotel in the morning on Monday at 8:15 and on Tuesday at 8:30. On Sunday at 17:30 we will organize a walking tour for those willing to attend icebreaker reception, one of our colleagues, Roman Pryamonosov, will wait you in the hotel hall and will guide you to INM RAS, departure time is 17:35.

The Korston Club Hotel is located within the walking distance from INM RAS. You can take the following walking path to get from Korston Club Hotel to INM RAS and back. The path is approx. 2 km, and takes around 20–25 minutes.

The detailed instructions are below:

  1. Leave the hotel territory through the back entrance, and keep to the right.
  2. Once you pass two 20-floor buildings on your left, turn left.
  3. Proceed towards the Leninsky Prospect crossing on your way one small street.
  4. Once you arrive to the large busy street, turn right and walk along Leninsky Prospect.
  5. Once you see on your right the mall Moscow (Москва), take the underground passage on your left.
  6. Take the nearest Gubkina street away from Leninsky Prospect.
  7. On your right you will see a large construction site, the next building is INM RAS.
  8. Go through the gates, and walk around the building to the left.
  9. In the farthest end of the building you will find the entrance.

Directions from Moscow Metro stations

The nearest Moscow Metro stations are 6 Akademicheskaya (Академическая) and 6 Leninsky Prospekt (Ленинский проспект). The nearest Moscow Central Circle station is 14 Ploshchad Gagarina (Площадь Гагарина). The walking distance from 6 Akademicheskaya is approx. 1.5 km, around 15-20 minutes. You can take a tram line from 6 Leninsky Prospekt and 14 Ploshchad Gagarina.

Directions from Akademicheskaya station

Take exit 5 and turn right on Dm. Ulyanova street. Proceed to next intersection and cross the Vavilova street. You can easily identify Vavilova street as the street with tram line. Turn right and proceed along Vavilova street. Just before the next intersection turn left through the gates. Walk around the 3-floor building to the left. The next 9-floor building is INM RAS. The entrance is on the left.

Directions from Leninsky Prospekt and Ploshchad Gagarina stations

Take exit 1 from 6 Leninsky Prospekt and turn right. If you exited from 14 Ploshchad Gagarina, try to locate an entrance to 6 Leninsky Prospekt, it should be across the small street, cross this street and turn left. Proceed along the small street to Vavilova street. You can easily identify Vavilova street as the street with tram line. On the right there is a tram stop, take any tram line for 4 stops until your reach tram stop “Ulitsa Gubkina”. Exit the tram, turn left and cross Gubkina street. Turn right and proceed along Gubkina street and take the first entrance on the left. The 9-floor building is INM RAS. Walk around the building to the left. In the farthest end of the building you will find the entrance.