MCAST location

Moscow Center of Advanced Sports Technologies (MCAST) is located at Sovetskoy Armii Str., 6.

MCAST will host the conference on Wednesday. The bus from Korston Hotel will leave at 8:15.

Please take your passport with you, as you will need it to enter the building.

Directions to MCAST

The nearest Moscow Metro station is 10 Dostoyevskaya (Достоевская). The walking distance to MCAST is approx. 1 km, around 10 minutes.

Take exit 1 and turn right. Cross the street and walk along Theater of Russian Army to the right. Cross the second street (Sovetskoy Armii Str.) towards the park. Turn left and walk along the Sovetskoy Armii street. Keep walking until you notice the Central Armed Forces Museum on your right with a tank and cannon near the entrance. Keep walking until the next 12-floor modern building on the right. The entrance to MCAST is located at the end of this building.